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We offer rubble removal services , Tree Felling and refuse removals services

Rubble Removal Randburg

Construction and renovations are stressful enough without having to consider what to do with the rubble that remains once you finish. Depending on the size of your job, your home or site might be left with masses of rubble and hardcore built up. Aside from being an eyesore, built up rubble is also a safety hazard, whether it’s in the home or on a construction site.

Not only is rubble challenging to access and collect due to its size and build, but the regulations at local recycling centres also mean that only small quantities can be disposed of at any one time – making getting rid of your rubble a near impossible task. Yet failing to responsibly dispose of your rubble can prove very harmful for the environment and it is also illegal, with improper disposal leading to hefty fines. Reports have highlighted that roughly 75% of the waste created by South Africa is a result of demolition and excavations – making it even more important to dispose of your rubble responsibly.

Fortunately, hiring professional rubble removal randburg specialists like ourselves at The Humble Boys Removal means you can avoid all of the hassle and responsibility since our team makes rubble removal quick and easy!

Rubble Removal Service

The professionals at The Humble Boys Removal are fully trained to cater for the disposal of both small and large quantities of rubble, from large construction sites to smaller renovations. Our vetted clearance staff are available for same day removals and can work flexibly around your routine, removing your rubble within hours.
The regulations on the disposal of rubble in recycling centers makes it challenging to dispose of rubble, particularly large amounts. But within hours we can leave your space mess-free, with the guarantee that all of your rubble and remains will be disposed of in the most responsible manner. At Rubble Removal Randburg we go the extra mile to ensure you have as little stress as possible when getting rid of your waste, so we personally clear, pack and remove all rubble – you don’t have to lift a single finger!

Contact our friendly team today who will be happy to answer your questions and help you get rid of your rubble.

Rubble Removal Services Randburg

Are you renovating your home or office? We know how tiring it can be and how much rubbish can accumulate. Also, let’s not downplay the danger that comes along with renovation rubble. There may be sharp objects, the waste can be excessive and bulky, and sometimes the materials you want removed can even be hazardous to your health. With Rubble Removal Randburg you won’t have to take care of the rubbish disposal any longer, we will manage your waste for you! Whether you want to discard old furniture, or waste from construction (tiles, carpets, walls, etc.) with our essential tools, great trucks, and our professional team of experts, we will do the work for you and leave you in a rubbish-free environment.

Rubble Removal Randburg

How it works?

Contact us by phone or e-mail, so we can suggest an up-front, unbeatable price for your specific needs. Next, we will create a tailor made plan on how we will proceed with removing your old furniture and rubble waste. After your approval, we will arrange a date and time which works best with your schedule. Now all you have to do is wait for us to come clean up, and enjoy your newly renovated spaces.

Why The Humble Boys Removals?

For us, at Rubble Removal Randburg, cleanliness and maintaining hygiene is our main concern. We only use products and methods that are environmentally friendly. We will handle your rubble waste professionally and keep you in the loop on every decision we make. Like this you can be sure that we will remove your old furniture or renovation waste quickly and efficiently.  We will also recycle as much of your renovation rubbish as possible. With our full insurance and general liabilities we take care of any accidents and damage caused by our team on and off site.

If you have any questions our powerful customer support desk will provide you with all information you may need. With the help of The Humble Boys Removals you will be able to enjoy your new, beautifully renovated space with no worries and work.

Call us at 062 319 8568 for free advice or to arrange a meeting. You can also fill in the rubbish removal request here, and a member of your team of experts will be in touch with you soon!