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Tree Felling Randburg

We specialise in safe, fast and affordable tree felling randburg for your home or business. By connecting local communities with highly experienced, qualified arborists we ensure that trees are healthy and residents are safe. No job is too big or too challenging for our tree service professionals. With the best industry equipment and machinery, our loppers can quickly and safely remove large mature trees, trees on a limited access location and trees near dangers such as traffic or power lines.

We strive to provide the best customer service experience possible. Our list of happy returning customers is growing every year. We believe that our business is as much about people as it is about trees. That’s why we now have more ways to get in touch than ever before. You can contact us 24/7 through our online request form. You can also reach our friendly customer service team 7 days a week on +27 62 319 8568 to discuss any of our tree services.

Service: Tree Removal | Why remove a tree?

Safe Tree Felling

There are many reasons that you may need to have a tree cut down and removed from your property. The single most important thing to consider when assessing the condition of your tree is whether it is safe. When a tree gets old it gradually loses its structural integrity. When this happens the safety and stability of the tree become compromised. At this point, the tree becomes a hazard to you, your home and the surrounding community through its potential to fall or drop branches. It is important to note that age is not the only factor that can contribute to the structural deterioration of your tree. Other potential factors include disease, damage and improper care. If your tree has begun to decline due to any of the aforementioned factors then it is important that you seek the assistance of a qualified arborist as soon as possible to remove the tree for your safety.

Sustainable Tree Felling

While safety is the top priority, it is not the only reason to remove a tree. Tree removal is part of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Once a tree has begun to decline in health it can become a drain on valuable resources from your garden. Leaving the tree to deteriorate means diverting the essential moisture and nutrients in the soil away from your healthy plants and trees and towards your dying one. Tree felling promotes a thriving ecosystem by removing those trees which have become sick, hazardous or detrimental to the surrounding environment.

Stump Grinding Service: Tree Felling

Trees can also cause problems for homeowners and residents through their expanding root system. As tree roots seek out resources from the soil, they can intervene with pipes, plumbing systems, pavement and pathways. A common sign of a root system that has begun to grow out of control is the appearance of cracks in garden paths and walls. For the best results, make sure to also remove the stump in order to kill the root system. In the following section, we discuss how our tree felling process ensures a safe, effective and comprehensive tree and stump removal.

The health of your trees and your home is something that we prioritise. No job is too small or too big for our experts. If you need a job done right, get in contact with our team for a quote. Our work includes the service of trees, removal of trees, maintenance of gardens and much more. We service all across Johannesburg. So whether you’re in the Roodepoort, Sandton, Centurion or Pretoria, contact us today for an obligation-free quote.